Turn Up The Volume On City Hall Support our Task Force Members TONIGHT, Wednesday, 7/19 at 6 pm!

Meeting information is below!

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-FIRST Task Force Meeting
-City Council – 7/25 Application Deadline
-Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

Turn Up The Volume On City Hall Support our Task Force Members TONIGHT, Wednesday, 7/19 at 6 pm!

Let’s make our presence known as our task force members have their first meeting with the City!

The task force has been meeting and strategizing the best approach to make our concerns heard at this meeting.  We would like to have a large presence of community support encouraging them as they enter the meeting.  Then upon completion of the meeting, we can be there with a thank you and ready for an update on the tone of the meeting as well as next steps.

We are so grateful for your continued presence and contributions to the cause by speaking up and submitting questions/concerns.  It is making a big difference.  The task force approach can be viewed as a way for the City to manage citizen concerns and limit all the chatter.  We are working within the framework offered and are armed with all your questions, concerns, and feedback.  However, citizens are always welcome at City Hall.  They may be managing the process but they can’t manage us – so pack the car, bring your signs, and your voice to support the task force members tonight.

Consider Running for Portage City Council
Do you want to make a difference in our city and have a real impact by being the voice of the people?  Will you consider a run for City Council?   There are 4 seats up for grabs this fall now that Lisa Brayton resigned her position to make a run for Mayor.  The good news is 4 votes is what we need for a favorable vote on these developments.

The fast-approaching deadline for application is 7/25.  If you are interested, please respond with your interest to this email.  We will help with information and direction for how to be successful in your candidacy.  We have some others interested (no women currently on that short list) as well so we can connect you with the group to discuss the process and work in conjunction with one another.  Here is a link to some additional information on the Council – https://www.portagemi.gov/487/City-Council