Project Overview

Located just north of Austin Lake, nestled between the Portage Road commercial corridor and Ramona Park, the proposed Austin Landings PD is a dynamic housing and commercial development that features (174) singlefamily lots, up to (64) townhomes in (16) fourplex buildings, (374) multifamily dwellings in (11) 34-unit buildings as well as three commercial outlots. The proposed plan is a contextually-sensitive, and market-appropriate Ordinance) afforded the Planned Development District (PD District) in order to satisfy this community-supported.

A main tenet of the proposed plan is to seamlessly integrate needed residential housing options into the community without compromising the use or enjoyment of existing neighboring properties. The proposed Austin Landings PD does this through thoughtful transitions between uses and the preservation of natural features. Starting at the western boundary of the proposed neighborhood, attached residential units create a smooth transition from the existing commercial development (B-3 General Commercial District properties) along Portage
Road. Proposed buildings in this area have been placed far back from adjacent roadways and adjacent homes and will be further buffered through the extensive planting of trees.

A large wetland expanse divides the large western parcel, separating the townhomes and multifamily residential buildings from the proposed single-family lots to the east. Special consideration was taken in the placement of proposed buildings and lots along the borders of the wetland so as to protect this ecological resource, while taking advantage of the beautiful, natural views. It has been found that the placement of single-family lots, as permitted by existing zoning regulations, that back on wetlands compromise the health of these natural
resources as homeowners encroach into sensitive area with lawn mowers over time and introduce into them harmful lawn care products. The proposed plan intentionally minimizes these instances for the wellbeing of this ecosystem.

See the Project Plan PDF for more details.

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