Portage Zoning Petition Regarding Updated Future Use Map

We, the residents of Portage, Michigan, petition the Portage Planning Commission and the Portage City Council as follows.

Portage should maintain single-family zoning in the following neighborhoods:

  • North/East of Austin Lake
  • South of Austin Lake
  • Lansing Rd Area
  • Milham/Westnedge Area

Maintaining single-family zoning is crucial for:

  • Mitigating traffic congestion
  • Protecting the environment
  • Preserving neighborhood character
  • Ensuring public safety

Changes to zoning undermine property values and promote the risk of overdevelopment.  Most importantly, zoning changes adversely affect residents who purchased property under existing zoning.

As part of its commitment to transparency and communication, the City of Portage gave stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Future Land Use Map.  The vast majority of residents who provided feedback regarding the Future Land Use Map voiced the exact concerns noted above.  And, as a result, the Future Land Use Map was updated to reflect those concerns.

Despite the fact that the Future Land Use Map (as now drafted) reflects the concerns of Portage voters, Planning Commission members now are arguing that RESIDENTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROVIDE INPUT ON SUCH ISSUES.

We urge the Portage Planning Commission to drop its opposition to resident input and accept the Future Land Use Map (as now drafted).  And, we urge the Portage City Council to retain R1 zoning in the areas noted above by reflecting this decision in the City’s Master Plan and future development maps.

Together, we can enhance the quality of life and ensure a sustainable future for Portage.

If you are a Portage resident, please sign and share this petition to demonstrate your support.