Rick & Mari Wielopolski
8836 East Shore Dr

In addition to Safety & Traffic concerns, Increased Crime Concerns, and Lack of Public Safety Resources, we have significant concerns regarding potential Flooding, particularly as the Austin Landings Phase 1 involves many homes being constructed in a current highly wooded area east and south of Cox’s Drive and Zylman.

  1. One of the Planning Commissioners posted publicly that they will rely on a third party to assess the potential for flooding.
  2. We request and require that this third party not be the same as used to assess water retention prior to the build-out of the Woodlands Condos just east of East Shore, off Sprinkle & Branch or Stryker construction on Sprinkle Road near Zylman
    1. The condo construction led to many homes being flooded, including ours. This was most likely the result of consistent high ground water levels after the removal of forestry which used to absorb the water. This was the first-time homes experienced this issue in over 40 years. It took 2 weeks, 24-hrs/day, and many dollars to resolve the flooding, and the ground water issue persists to this day.
    2. Properties on Sprinkle Road near Zylman experienced a similar problem when the Stryker construction removed forestry for their new building.
  3. Concrete is not a replacement for soil, trees, and foliage.
  4. Would you approve this within yards of your homes?