Hello to Portage Neighbors around Austin and West Lake

Thank you for sharing your emails with us. We hope to keep all informed here on upcoming events. Keep watching for emails from SpeakUpPortage@gmail.com If you know of anyone else who would like to be included, please have them contact us here.

Our goal with this email is to keep you informed of meetings. We would like to see as many of you as possible at the City Council, Planning Commission, and Zoning meetings to let our voices and concerns be heard. We will send out reminders from this email for each meeting coming up.

It was AWESOME to see so many show up at the last City Council meeting to make it loud and clear to our ELECTED officials that this is a VERY important development issue affecting our families, homes and our community. We hope all will come to as many meetings as possible to have your voices heard. Remember, just because the council wants a task force doesn’t mean your voice should be silenced. You always have a right to reach out to your elected officials and Speak Up for yourself also.

As for your many questions and concerns: Many of you wrote those out on paper at the meeting on Saturday. Those questions and concerns will be compiled and presented to our task force representatives to bring before the City Task force. How those representatives update us as they begin to meet with the Task Force is being worked out at this time. The next City Council meeting is
Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00 PM. Mayor Randall has been given 6 names for our representatives (2 from Austin Lake (Zylman), 2 from Stanley/Woodbine, and 2 from West Lake).

The next upcoming meeting is the Planning Commission -THIS Thursday, June 15 at 7:00 PM. Let’s show up to make sure our visions and concerns are heard.

Speak up Portage