City Council 9/19/23 | Survey & Task Force Update

City Council Meeting Tonight@7PM

Pg. 22 City taking over garbage service.
Pg. 31 Moves for future decisions for the West Lake Culvert/Bridge to move away from an elected official delegating authority from the Council.
Pg. 88 Planning and permitting for storm water discharge.
Pg. 91 Current funding isn’t sufficient to meet current goals.
Pg. 110 Channel improvements discussed.
Pg. 131 Culvert management.
Pg. 134 Adoption of a public participation plan.

  • Any item on the consent agenda will be automatically approved without discussion unless a council member or citizen requests to have the item pulled out for further discussion.  This makes it important to stay active in attending meetings and speaking up when asked early in the meeting about the agenda to ensure all important items are given opportunity for full consideration.
  • Portage Planning Commission Meeting 9/21 at 7PM – Agenda Packet:
  • Please take the Portage Community Survey by 9/30 so you can give input on the Capital Improvement Plan:
  • We spoke, they listened.  A new page has been added to the City of Portage website that will provide details and status on any development application.  Take a look and enroll in notification alerts to be updated on any changes.
Task Force Update

We have received initial response on the first 20 questions with the expectation that the next batch of answers will be provided in the next couple of weeks.  The city has posted the questions on their website.  Click on each question to view the response.  Please read and submit any new questions to the Speak Up Portage website.

It is the task force’s intention to continue to engage the City on behalf of our community members.  Please help us hold them accountable by remaining vigilant in our efforts to show up and speak up at public meetings.

Please also consider serving on a board to have a greater impact on decisions.  Interviews will be held at City Hall on 10/3 starting at 5:30.  Apply to be a member today:

Environmental Board – 2 expiring terms, 1 vacancy
Human Services Board –  4 expiring terms Historic District Commission – 1 vacancy
Park Board – 3 expiring terms, 1 vacancy
Senior Citizens Advisory Board – 4 expiring terms, 1 vacancy
Zoning Board of Appeals – 1 vacancy, 1 vacancy (alt.)